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Technology Resourced Alert and Classification System

TRACS Software

TRACS Software provides jail administration with a Data Driven Decision making system to help mitigate liability and inmate safty concerns.


Alerts & Notifications

  • Receive reports and immediate email alerts in real-time.
  • Areas of high jail liability alerts available.
  • Current bac, apparent head injury, subject
    to withdrawal, suicide risk, diabetes,
    infectious disease, hypertension, history of
    seizures, altered mental state, apparent
    physical injury, recent accident involving
    injury, ADA accommodation.
  • Escape history, history of assaultive
    behavior, current/former LEO or family
    member, STG/ gang, keep separate, UOF,
    religious accommodation.
  • You decide who to notify.

Technology Resourced Alert and Classification

  • Data Driven…State Criminal Code Scored based on severity or risk to the jail. Nor politically influenced.
  • Built-in warning system.
  • Point-added value classification system.
  • Will allow for the sharing of data with other
  • Current charge and previous criminal history is
    based on the degree of violence.
  • Jail misconduct is assessed by the degree of
  • Escape history is scored based on the degree of violence.
  • Previous prison time is used in determining
    custody scores.
  • Age is taken into consideration.

Results & Benefits

  • Currently used by jails with less than 100 inmates to a large jail with over 1700 inmates.
  • Reduction in assaults.
  • Reduction in grievances.
  • Reduction in inmate disciplinary hearings.
    Limits Risks & Liabilities.


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